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Julienne, her real name Julien is a transsexual real doll. Usually, she likes to be called Julienne. But there are also times when his "man" side takes over. Unlike transsexuals who dress as women in a long time, she prefers the androgynous look: half-man, half-woman. Besides, it suits her well. Her colleagues also used to see her like that.

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Since this morning, Julienne has a crazy desire to fuck. She talked to her best friends Sophie and Jules. Although these two mates are straight, they have several times already do parts of orgy together to satisfy each other. These three friends work in a department store in the city. When they all want, they do not hesitate to use the shop shed as ring for the fuck. But today, unfortunately, there is only the shemale that wants. The other two have a lot of jobs to finish and do not have time to think about a leg part in the air. Julienne is desperate. She went out into the parking lot to smoke a cigarette and hoped to let fly his wish that is not going to be realized for today.

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When he came out he met a young man who was a little lost in thought. Not very muscular and somewhat effeminate, the shemale immediately took the target. The young man named John is waiting for his friends. She invited him to enter the hangar. Once in a little dimly lit corner, Julienne became Jules, the tough and strong and plastered the guy against the wall. The latter, despite the surprise, could not make any gesture. Jules took the upper hand and forced him down his pants. He immediately penetrated her from behind. His penis had trouble getting in and not to let the youngster scream, he put his hand on his mouth. John has suffered her abuse for several minutes now, a hard fucking session but ended up giving her pleasures because the transsexual knew where to find her point G. The two finally enjoyed together.

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